Discover unparalleled COMFORT

We've designed the Grey Sofa with your ultimate comfort in mind, going the extra mile to redefine relaxation and create the perfect seating experience for you.

It's our labour of love


Ergonomic design is the Science of optimising comfort and efficiency in a way that fits you. It's decreased fatigue, reduced muscle strain and improved posture in a sofa shaped package. It's everything that leads up to you taking a seat and thinking 'wow, that's a comfy sofa'.


Our ergonomic design puts a focus on lumbar support, a crucial aspect for preventing back discomfort. Choose between a shorter seat for robust lumbar support or a longer seat for a more relaxed, loungy experience.

Supporting your POSTURE

The depth of your seat influences how you sit and relax on your sofa. Our range offers different seat depths to suit your style—deeper for ultimate lounging or shallower for an upright, formal posture.

Materials that matter

We use premium materials to optimise comfort and support. When you sit on our sofas, you'll experience

Durable hardwood frames for long-lasting Comfort

We selected our sofa components for longevity, ensuring long-lasting comfort:

  • Solid Hardwood Frames: Made out of sustainable, air-dried birch and beech wood.
  • Constructed using proven traditional methods, we glue, screw and dowel them for extra strength and durability, these frames are made to last. Goodbye sofa sag!
  • We're so confident in the quality of our frames we've given them a lifetime guarantee.

Luxurious cushioning for the ultimate experience

When you sit on a Grey Sofa, you'll experience:

  • High-Quality Comfort Foam seat cushions for that 'sinking in' feeling while still retaining maximum support.
  • Feather & Foam Back Cushions: All the comfort of down and the 'bounce back' benefits of foam. No more re-plumping your back cushions after every sit down.

UK-Made Springs: Customising Comfort

We optimise every detail, we use different springs throughout our ranges to suit the frame:

  • We use high-quality coil springs for models with a thicker, softer seat and a gentle front edge.
  • On other suitable models Zig-Zag springs provide a sleeker look for thinner sofa seats with a firmer front edge.
  • All our models use superloop springs on the back to add another layer of support and comfort.
  • All springs are high-quality and UK-Made for enduring support. Not only will these last longer than the springs found in most highstreet sofas but your back will thank you for the extra stability.

The finishing touches

  • Soft Foam Armrests: A cozy place for your arms while sitting, and a comfy headrest when you want to stretch out and snooze.
  • Luxurious designer fabrics: 13 beautiful fabrics by UK designers. Selected for their durability, touch and aesthetic.
  • Sprung Seats and Backs: An additional layer of support to enhance your seating experience, hand strung for increased stability and reduced lateral movement.

You and your SOFA

We embrace inclusivity in our designs for all shapes and sizes. Whether you're taller, shorter, or anywhere in between, we have a sofa that caters to your unique needs.


Spacious sofa, happy family. Sidney's wide seat fits everyone with ease.

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For the support seekers who enjoy a firm yet comfortable experience. Prioritising posture for the ultimate back support.

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Comfy cushioned armrests, perfect for the lay-down lounger.

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Our deepest seat for the reclined relaxer. Dive in, and sink into pure relaxation.

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Our sofas undergo real-life trials. Prototypes spend months being tried and tested enduring everyday use, so you can trust in their comfort and durability.

    Expert Advice

    Selecting the right sofa is easy with our expert advice. Visual aids and one-on-one consultations are available to ensure you make the right choice.

    Please call to speak to a member of staff to discuss any queries you have regarding our sofas.

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    We're making high-quality, sustainable FOREVER FURNITURE

    The true comfort comes from knowing you're buying a sofa from a team with over a century of combined experience in furniture making. We know the ins and outs of creating the perfect combination for your seat. From crafting the frame to selecting top-quality fabrics, we've got it down to an art.

    Our sofas aren't just products; they're a testament to our team's passion and dedication. Handmade with love in Norfolk, each piece showcases the finest craftsmanship. You're not just getting a sofa – you're inviting in a piece of expertise and a whole lot of love. So confident are we in the quality of our furniture, from components to craftmanship, that all of our products come with a lifetime frame guarantee, giving you peace of mind when investing in our products.